About Us

Our Story: Born in Japan, Crafted in Ohio

Cleveland Shear Co. is an Ohio based company, built with a team of experienced stylists. We believe that it is important for you to know that these shears were created by stylists, for stylists. After years in the hair industry, it became apparent that Japanese steel is the only respected shear material. This is why Cleveland Shear Co. outsourced to Japan for 100% handmade Japanese cobalt steel, to ensure the finest, top quality product. Here is where the tag line of “born in Japan, crafted in Ohio” became a reality.

The Cleveland Shear Co. team members are edgy, driven, and knowledgeable shear fanatics who are passionate about education and quality products. The Ohio based team involved with Cleveland Shear Co. has over 30 years of combined experience. Being stylists ourselves, we are always looking for ways to bring simplicity with us behind the chair. We put this exact same mindset into the design of our shears. Each and every one of our shears, regardless of style, will reflect a simplistic, yet stylist-focused design. Cleveland Shear Co. created a line of shears that is accessible and affordable to stylists of all levels.

Cleveland Shear Co. is for you: the stylist who is constantly growing and learning. The one who shows up early and stays late to ensure every client leaves satisfied. The stylist that embodies the true Cleveland spirit knowing nothing is given and everything is earned. Cleveland Shear Co., a cut above the rest.